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Minecraft: SurvivorCraft` Elysium ` Ep.4 Published by youalwayswin via Youtube
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Title: Minecraft: SurvivorCraft` Elysium ` Ep.4
Author: youalwayswin
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Description: SurvivorCraft is sponsored by ASUS North America, please thank them on their Facebook or Twitter page,

This Season's Runner-up Prize,

This Season's Grand Prize,

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Inspired by the CBS Reality TV show, Survivor, YouAlwaysWin is taking the gaming community on an amazing adventure. SurvivorCraft is an exciting game show that invites subscribers to participate in an online virtual world set in Minecraft. Contestants will be competing against each other for a chance to win actual prizes. Unlike the TV show, the viewers of SurvivorCraft decide who walks away with the Grand Prize. It is the ultimate online game show, with true commitment to the gaming community.

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Map used by SurvivorCraft, Elysium,

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