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Black Ops 2 Beta Codes Free - XBOX 360` PS3 & PC - WITH GAMEPLAY Published by guruvirt via Youtube
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Title: Black Ops 2 Beta Codes Free - XBOX 360` PS3 & PC - WITH GAMEPLAY
Author: guruvirt
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Description: Cod Black ops 2 Beta Keys Free Giveaway

Black Ops 2 release date November 13, 2012 is a date which we all wait. Call of duty Black ops II release date will be the 13th of November 2012, the game will be released in all the platforms Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, and PC.
However, Before the game is released the game will undergo thorough testing to detect bugs/glitches and fixes will be implemented, therefore some players will be fortunate enough to try the Beta version of Black Ops 2 on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC!

Unfortunately, the Beta is a Closed Beta and there aren't any Official Public give-away's so you will need a working beta-code in order to play.

We are happy to announce that thanks to our collegue who is working at Treyarch as a designer we have the right to giveaway 10.000 free beta keys until September. You can try the game and publish bugs,so our community can help to the developer team. Check the link on the right side,you can download a txt file which contains your custom key and a direct fast mirror to the current 1.4 beta client which is 7,4GB at the moment. Please note that the singleplayer mode is not available now,you can only try the multiplayer mode on 4 maps. Search and Destory/TDM/DM are available at the moment.

At we are giving away 500 Black Ops 2 Beta Codes for FREE on each playing platform!

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