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*.*LOTS MORE EFFECTS*.* Windows Movie Maker 2.6 Effects Package Published by docextreme1 via Youtube
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Title: *.*LOTS MORE EFFECTS*.* Windows Movie Maker 2.6 Effects Package
Author: docextreme1
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Windows Movie Maker 2.6 is one of the most popular free movie editing software programs use today by millions of user's world wide

The Windows Movie Maker 2.6 is even better then ever the one your viewing now has tons of new Effects, Transitions, Titles Credits, and more They are FREE to download and enjoy.....The links below are safe to download so download with a clear mind. There are over 450 effects and about 100 hundred transitions and Credits.

The links below contains Effects for Windows Vista ans Also Windows Xp so make sure you choose the correct package for your computer

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First download Windows Movie Maker 2.6

instructions on downloading
Download the ( setup ) file to your computer and rename that file to ( exe ) just the way you see it here. Then right click on the (exe) file and install it also add a shortcut to your desktop.. Click on the link below to begin the download

Effects Package for Vista and Windows -7

Effect Package for XP
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