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Guild Wars 2: Mystic Forge/ Recipe Guide Published by jackolnhd via Youtube
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Title: Guild Wars 2: Mystic Forge/ Recipe Guide
Author: jackolnhd
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Description: READ ME!......RECIPES BELOW....
An explanation of mystic forge and how to use it. Also I show you some important recipes for crafting end game level 80 gear. Any questions fire away below. Hope you enjoy and Subscribe for more Guild Wars 2 content.
Tier 6 Crafting Materials:
-1 sample of tier 6 mat you want to make
-50 tier 5 mats of the same type. (if you want powerful blood you will need 50 potent bloods)
-5 philosopher stones
-5 piles of crystalline dust
Piles of Crystalline Dust:
-1 pile of crystalline dust
-250 piles of incandescent dust
-5 philosopher stones
-5 crystals
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